We at Felinology believe its about giving back! Every cat is unique and special and deserves the BEST life. Sometimes though they need a little help from friends like you and I and so it is a part of our ethos to help some local charities with Cats and Kittens in need. Please do consider donating to all or any of these incredible Charities.

Ace Cat and Kitten Rescue

Ace Cat and Kitten Rescue is a long term Felinology Partner, based in Coulsden, Surrey and run by the wonderful Sue Ottmann. Sue has rescued, hand reared, and rehomed so many wonderful babies who go on to lead exceptional lives. They have been a Felinology Charity Partner since 2017. Sue self funds this charity and is helped with the assistance of kind donations by the public and supporters. You can view some of her many success stories on Facebook.

The Ginger Cat House Rescue and Rehome Charity

A brilliant rescue and rehome centre based in Worcester Park, doing such wonderful rescue and rehome work. They are supported by our incredible groomer Pauline from Awesome Paws Cat Grooming who will be raising awareness for them over the weekend.


London Inner City Kitties

London Inner City Kitties is a fantastic volunteer run no kill shelter helping Cats and kittens in need.  The lovely Sarah Manners, who will be with us with her Manners Maketh stall is a volunteer and will be running a Tombola on the Sunday to raise some much needed funds for this great initiative.

Wood Green

The Wood Green team works tirelessly to provide safe shelter, specialist care, and a brighter future for thousands of dogs, cats and small pets. Whatever the reason for a pet coming to us, we don’t turn them away. At Woodgreen, our priority is to help every animal, no matter what their background or how challenging their care.